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Add virtual goods to your Unity game in minutes.  Sign up for free, download the SDK, and start creating items with the web portal.  It’s that simple.


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Use the web portal to balance your virtual goods in real-time.  See your game and virtual good statistics to improve gameplay and increase monetization.


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Monetization Made Easy

Processing purchases in Unity with expensive plugins and complicated code is a thing of the past – we’ve done hard part for you.

Our Unity SDK includes all the plugins you need to process purchases natively on many popular platforms.

Advanced Virtual Goods Management

Use our powerful Developer Portal to make changes to your virtual goods, manage users, control store pricing, and view game statistics.

Real Time Updating

Make changes to your virtual goods on the Developer Portal and watch them effect your games in real-time – no need to rebuild/republish your app.

Mobile Friendly

Use our built-in Android and IOS Plugins for Unity to have virtual goods in your mobile game in minutes.

Cloud Powered

SocialPlay’s patented Cloud Goods™ technology gives your projects proven reliability and security.

Manage your items

Creating and managing items in your game has never been easier.  Use the developer portal to create items and modify their stats.  We provide you with both easy-to-use and advanced tools for total control over your items.

All changes made to items on the portal are sync’d with games in real-time.  Take the pain out of balancing items in your games with Cloud Goods™.

Player Management

Easily manage players in your games with powerful player management tools.

View, search, and sort through players at a glance.  See what players have in their inventories and ban bad players.  Cloud Goods™ gives you the power to add, remove, and modify player inventories right from the portal.


Real-time statistics gives you the right information when you need it.

Monitor income generated by your games, see user growth, and view players’ most popular items with fully customizable graphs and many more statistics on the way.

Introduction to the Cloud Goods SDK for Unity

Cloud Goods is a service which makes adding items and a store into your Unity game a snap. It allows your game to start generating Virtual Goods revenue quickly and painlessly. You can manage your virtual goods, in-game store, players, and more in real-time with Cloud...

Video tutorials now available on YouTube

Get familiar with Cloud Goods and the Unity SDK with our new video tutorials.  The five-step tutorial series will guide you through implementing all the features of Cloud Goods including: The Log-in and account registration system Inventories, hot bars, and swap...

Developer Update – October 1, 2014

Unity UI With the release of Unity 4.6 Beta, the team at SocialPlay has been hard at work integrating Cloud Goods with the new Unity UI system.  All the Cloud Goods interfaces have now been converted to use Unity UI including: Store, Login, Item/Currency Bundles, Item...

Developer Update – July 16, 2014

We’re pleased to announce the start of our Developer Update blog posts.  Here we’ll be letting you know about new and upcoming features and what our development team is up to. Things have been moving fast here at SocialPlay.  Over the past few weeks, our...

Native IOS Purchasing Added to SDK

We’re pleased to announce that our Unity SDK now includes native purchasing for IOS devices. We’ve been working hard to make IOS purchasing easy to implement in your Unity project.  Our SDK builds all the required XCode files for you automatically.  Simply...

Native Android Purchasing added to SDK

Start monetizing on Android with Cloud Goods.  Our Unity SDK now includes native purchasing on Android.  There’s no need to purchase plugins or code in Java, it’s all handled for you.  To get started, all you need to do is setup your credit bundles on the...

Open Source Cloud Goods Unity Plugin

Our Cloud Goods SDK plugin for Unity is now open source on GitHub.  Keep up with changes and check out the Wiki to help you get started. Head over to the GitHub page at and check it...

Updated Developer Portal Launched

SocialPlay is proud to announce that the developer portal is out of private beta and ready for public sign ups. Key features of the portal: Items: Create, modify, and delete your items.  Create properties for your items and manage their statistics right from the Items...

Your Complete Virtual Goods Solution

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